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"I’m a woman beyond any mold – and that is the key to my shining. With me, excitement, joy and inspiration follow. I’m willing to try new things and always come up with new and unique points of view as well as personal way of producing topics.”


- Maija Ilmoniemi

Maija Ilmoniemi (M.Soc.Sc) is an event and radio host, presenter, published author and producer who combines fact and entertainment. Her background as journalist and social scientist ensures Maija easily absorbs new and even the most difficult topics. Even the most complex knowledge turns into understandable words and exciting matters as Maija makes them comprehensive.

As an entrepreneur and former employer Maija talks business. Years spent in the US ensure her native-like English skills. If needed, she will also take part in producing events and can write manuscripts independently or with customer.


Maija enjoys doing things in unexpected ways. Her energy is something of a kind. The light she brings with her will make sure that time spent with her will not be forgotten.



"Are we raised in a way that praises certainty; that we always have to be completely sure of the answer before we raise our hands in classroom? Or that we have to have all the process charts drawn in Power Point and know the future for sure in order to be able to take the action?" 

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