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Best speaker is humane. What we normally don’t let to be heard – our vulnerability and falsity – is actually the most interesting thing in us. By letting faults to be seen and shamelessly revealing true self in front of people, speaker can make audience to really stop to listen and touch them unforgettably.


The most important tools for a speaker is by no means a mouth but an ear. The speech that moves people is created with all senses open – by letting silence to speak for itself and seizing the moment.


At its best, speech is a small remark of the world around that opens a big thought. As I make little speeches every day in my work as radio host, I’ve learned that one can capture a whole world into a minute. Speaker is a servant of the audience and their job is to listen the world around. One can touch others only by being completely present in the moment.


Speech is an experience. World is full of knowledge, but experience is inexhaustible, new and unique every time. Speech can help others – and that’s why I am speaker!





"Joy, inspiration and excitement in the audience are created when the speaker dares to be just a human – and remembers that everyone in the audience is the same.”

–Maija Ilmoniemi, public speaker

Check out the video to see me and hear my thoughts!


"The grand and silent fight inside the head, in which one goes through the birth and the death, the sense and the senselessness, the in-between of ones thirties and forties and the mid-life-crisis of the fifties. The fear and the wusses. "

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