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For a voice-over artist, the most important tool is by no means a mouth but an ear. The voice that makes people stop is born with all senses open – when the speaker seizes the moment and also trust the silence.”


–Maija Ilmoniemi, voice-over artist

Voice is an experience – unique and always new. It touches in a way and creates a world no other sense can reach. Voice takes liste-ner to a journey to something unconcious. It’s intimate because it comes close, right on ones skin. It gives room to imagination because when hearing the voice listener can fill in the story by their own with their other senses. And that is the power of voice!


Voice hooks the listener because it makes them move – to experience and feel – and that way it encages them. To be touched is to be encountered. When the speaker is genuinely present voice can reach the listener.



With my voice I want to make you stop, to hear what I am telling. I want to make you feel something that you might not have words to. To me, also the spoken word is music. I play with its tones and emphasis always challenging myself to something new and unknown. My whole body lives the text I’m speaking and I put my everything in it.

This is how my voice sounds like, please listen!

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"You know, habit is the biggest sin of all. The thing when you keep telling yourself you can’t do something because you just happen to be like that or you got something that won’t allow you to do something. Because you’re used to doing things in some particular way. The only thing that matters to me is that I get to share these stories and experiences with you."

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