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I’m happy that virtual events have been welcomed with open arms. So far, we’ve only seen a small glimpse of the potential of online events. The industry is creating new possibilities at a fast pace – events are tv-like shows and experiences.


Host's and presenter’s role changes as events move online. Now presenter is leading the event in front of camera and they need to understand the logic of a live broadcast and multi-camera production.


A unique skill of shinging through the lens is required of the host: they need to reach the audience and make them enjoy themselves as well as feel the presence and energy even far away.


I’m lucky my vast experience meets this demand perfectly. I’m professional of both the broadcast media and events – journalist and entertainer simultaneously. For me, most exciting in my job is to make every event unique and special experience.

Maija Recotech photo by Alexandra Jokine




"As events have moved online, presenter is like a news anchor in a tv show – storyteller who reaches the audience through the lens with their unique charisma.”


–Maija Ilmoniemi, event host


Check out the video to see me and hear my thoughts!

See these examples of the events I have hosted!


"The Little Miss Skijumpressess are climbing to the top of the skijump hill we’re supposed to jump from. They’re cheering to each other and bursting of excitement and expectation. When do us adults loose that spirit, I start to think. Why is there some point in which life becomes so serious that we forget that childly joy and sincerity?”

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